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Reflecting on Legacy


Last week I went to two funerals.  The first was for the teens that were killed in Dinuba by a drunk driver.  The other was for a childhood friend.

As I went and celebrated the lives that were filled with passion and humor but were also taken too soon, I couldn’t help but think of what will be remembered about them, while also thinking about what will be remembered of me if something were to happen.

It’s not anything that I enjoy thinking about.  I don’t like to think about the potential of an untimely death.  But it’s important to occasionally think, “How will I be remembered?”

My friend Zac was 27.

I haven’t seen or talked to him in years.  But at his funeral, people spoke of his courage to keep fighting (he had a brain tumor in elementary school and lost his mom at an early age), his boldness in all things, his ability to always make friends, and that he always made people smile.

My memories of Zac are similar to what was shared at his funeral.

I’m 27.

And I wonder what people would say of me if something were to happen.

I’d like to think I would know, but our self-perception isn’t always quite as accurate as we think.

What would be said of me?

What would be said of you?

Is the way we are living our lives a reflection of what we believe?  Is it a reflection of the character we are to emulate as followers of Jesus?  Is it consistent?

May our lives be fully and completely centered on loving Jesus and being like Him.

Pastor Jason Kinzel

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Now What?



Easter is over. 


Thinking back over these last few days, a theme rings out that says, “It’s all about Love.” That love was shown to us in a vivid way on the cross when Jesus gave His life for us. It was a demonstration for us in the baptisms on Sunday when those who gave testimony of their faith and love for the Lord were buried and raised to new life in the waters of baptism. God’s love in our hearts was manifested in music as we sang and played from our devotion to the One who redeemed us. Our testimony to the world will be shown best by our love to one another and to those we come in contact with each day of our lives.

With all the turmoil and stress of life around us, let us cling to the Love that the Lord supplies for each need we may have.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”  1 John 3:18

Care Pastor Ed Willems

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